Welcome to MAMAS + MINIS

We created this shop to promote products we as a mama and my twins love, tried and tested over the last 3 years. We absolutely LOVE muslins, they are so versatile, soothing and make those cuddles just extra special. 

As a mum of twins I was always after useful, multifunctional products to save time, make life simple, make my babies happy and help them to sleep better. Sounds familiar?

I believe the muslin swaddle blankets are one of the best inventions ever for children and parents. It provides comfort, it's soothing, calming, breathable, lightweight and regulates body temperature. Apart from using it as a swaddle it works as a nursing cover, burping cloth, tummy time blanket, stroller shade, comforter and more.

And this ever so important essential doesn't have to be boring. We picked items with gorgeous and vibrant patterns for the fun factor. 

All the products are made of 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton which makes the product extra soft and luxurious, perfect for babies' and toddlers' delicate skin. 

Thank you for stopping by and hope you will enjoy the products as much as we do.