The Magic of Muslin




Bamboo fabric made from bamboo viscose is much softer than a regular cotton muslin. Bamboo is often compared to cashmere and since its fibers have more elasticity and are less bulky than cotton, they offer more comfort for your baby’s skin.
Bamboo fabric can absorb 70% more moisture than cotton. Thanks to this quality, it can quickly wick moisture away from the skin. Cotton, on the other hand, doesn’t offer that particular quality to the same extent. 
It is thermo - regulating due to small microgaps within the fabric which trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter which prevents over heating and discomfort during the night and will help your baby to sleep better.

Viscose made from bamboo is considered one of the strongest. The fabric is well known for keeping its shape, strength, and durability three times the durability and efficiency of cotton. Bamboo fabrics are known for keeping their bright colours significantly longer than cotton fabric.



  • Swaddle your baby - Swaddling can help to calm your baby, helping him to settle more easily and sleep for longer. It’s also thought that swaddling prevents unnecessary wake-ups caused a baby’s startle reflex.
  • Use it as a Blanket -  It is an incredibly soft and breathable fabric, freely woven, allowing heat to escape and fresh air to enter so your baby can be comfortable and calm. Being light and breathable it can be layered and it is perfect to use as a baby blanket. 
  • The perfect Burp Cloth -  Due to the generous size you can be sure that you can keep your outfit free from mess. We have some lovely designs and so it looks lovely when you slung it over your shoulder. Great to mop up spills and spit ups too.
  • Use it as a Breastfeeding Cover - Our muslins are 120 x 120 cm and therefore can give you complete privacy while feeding. Choose your favourite pattern and stay stylish even when you are breast feeding. Since our muslins are made of 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton your baby won't overheat under the cover.
  • Changing Table Cover - These large, highly absorbent, durable and extra soft muslins are perfect for covering the changing table and help you out in those messy moments. Baby changing mats are generally, being wipe clean in nature, rather cold. Rather than putting your little baby’s bare bottom on the freezing cold changing mat directly, using the muslin cloth as changing mat cover can keep your baby happy.
  • Comforter - Lots of children are very fond of muslin cloths for snuggling for comfort. And they will fall in love with our lovely patterns in no time.
  • Use it as a Tummy Time Blanket - Muslin cloths can make a lovely tummy time blanket for your baby. Not only does it mean that you will not have to put your baby directly on the floor that you may feel is less than clean, but it also means that any dribble that your baby produces during tummy time will be easier to clean up. The lovely patterns will also keep your baby stimulated.
  • Use it to play a Game with your baby - Your little one will love using our muslin to play his favourite Peek-A-Boo game.
  • Pushchair and carseat cover - As it is a light and breathable material and large in size it is an excellent pram and carseat cover. It will keep the sun away and will minimise the noise levels in a busy environment so your baby can rest even when you are out and about.
  • Milestone Blanket - Our blankets are the perfect props for photographing your baby. It is perfect for recording your babies milestones if you use it in conjunction with some cute milestone cards.